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Destroyer Graphics has a vision for a prosperous company whose positive presence is felt throughout North America and beyond. We understand that if this vision is to become a reality, we must be built on a foundation of respect and trust. These two values must guide us if we are to realize our long‑range goals. Without the respect and trust of our customers, our employees, our colleagues in the industry, and our constituents in our various communities, we have nothing. We subscribe to the maxim: "Business goes where it is invited and stays where it is well cared for." We want to be the ones who are welcomed. Once we're there, we want to do the things that will keep us there.

Our goals are simple, but not easy to attain. As long as we are guided by the relentless pursuit of excellence, we can:

  • Be regarded as a leader in our industry.
  • Be better than the best, fueled by the continuous quest for improved quality.
  • Be innovators in all areas of our industry's operations.
  • Maintain an employee base that are all proud of their work.
  • Possess the respect of our competitors.
  • Have investors eager to underwrite us.
  • Have organizations welcome and want us in their markets.
  • Grow the profits of the business and provide our shareholders with ever‑increasing value.

Only by embracing certain philosophies and principles can we hope to achieve such distinguished objectives. We must:

  • Endow all our actions and dealings with honesty and integrity ‑ do the right thing, apply the highest moral and ethical standards, keep our commitments, tell the truth – and respect and trust will follow.
  • Focus our attention on the customer, recognizing that they are our single greatest priority ‑without their loyalty, we have no business. We must strive to surpass their expectations in creating positive experiences for them.
  • Provide the undisputed best service to our customers, assuring long‑term emotional alignment to our product.
  • Resolve to make meaningful social contributions to our communities.
  • Manage professionally and with wisdom, so that we can lead our employees to translate our values into actions, shaping their roles with definition and clarity, so that the concepts of responsibility and accountability are embodied in our performance.
  • Encourage all our employees to reach their fullest potential, honoring their individuality, while understanding the basic framework of teamwork in operations and working toward the common good.
  • Direct our actions towards achievement, understanding that setting aggressive goals (both short‑term and long‑range), maintaining a tenacious focus on our primary aims, and meeting commitments will drive our success.
  • Strive to surpass our competitors.
  • Align ourselves with the mandate that profits are required for the company to grow and flourish.



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